Christmas Advent Collection | Jesus Storybook Bible : Old Testament

Christmas Advent Collection | Jesus Storybook Bible : Old Testament

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The Jubilee Tree | Christmas Advent collection is a set of 24 ornaments to use between December 1st - 24th to help tell many stories in the Bible from creation to the birth of Jesus. This set specifically follows the Jesus Storybook Bible. I absolutely love this specific children’s Bible for Christmas advent because every story points to the coming of Jesus… the coming of Jubilee! I hope that this collection of ornaments will help these stories of the Old Testament come to life in a more tangible way.

The set of cards included will direct you to the story to read in the Jesus Storybook Bible each day and tell you which corresponding ornament to hang on your Jubilee Tree.

You can choose to purchase the ornament kit or a set of assembled ornaments.


Ornament Kit | Not AssembledThe Christmas Advent ornament kit is packaged with all of the materials you need to create your own set of beautiful, interactive ornaments that make each of these Bible stories more tangible.  Some of the ornaments require minimal effort to complete, and some will take a bit more time and creativity. The materials vary a little between each box, which is part of the fun and unique character of these hand-made crafts! You will receive a step-by-step guide to make crafting simple. Just gather a few supplies from your junk drawer (a hot glue gun, a sharpie, and some scissors) and create these ornaments together as a family, with some friends, or enjoy some craft therapy time alone.  

Included in the Christmas Advent Ornament Kit:

  • Supplies for 24 ornaments
  • Craft Guide link
  • Set of cards 
  • Labeled box for storage


Ornaments | Preassembled - We realize that not all people enjoy crafting or have the time to do so. Don't stress - we've got you! The preassembled ornaments have been carefully crafted for you and are ready to hang on your Jubilee Tree.

Included in the Christmas Advent Preassembled collection:

  • 24 handmade ornaments
  • Set of cards 
  • Labeled box for storage