Easter Advent Collection

(9 days)

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This Easter Advent collection is packaged in an egg carton with ornaments hidden in a dozen plastic easter eggs. The set of cards included will direct you to passages to read in your Bible, leading your family through Easter Advent. This collection starts with the reading of a prophecy from Isaiah 53, and then picks up the story of Jesus from Palm Sunday, ending on Easter Sunday. 

This ornament kit is carefully packaged with all of the supplies you need to create beautiful, handmade interactive ornaments that make the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection a little more tangible.  Some of the ornaments require very minimal effort to complete, and some will take a bit more creativity. You will receive a step-by-step guide to make crafting simple.  Just gather a few supplies from your junk drawer (a hot glue gun and some scissors) and have fun creating these ornaments as a family, with some friends, or enjoy some therapeutic time crafting alone.  

Included in the Easter Advent Collection:

  • Egg Carton with 12 plastic eggs
  • Supplies for ornaments
  • Craft guide instructions
  • Set of cards